19 July 2021

50% OFF on TOTO Washlet

50% OFF on TOTO Washlet
Looking for something to make you feel at ease???
As we aged ??, wiping has become difficult especially when turning backward to wipe. ? 
In addition, ?white toilet paper could contain bleach. âš ï¸ Chlorine bleach could be toxic and if it gets accumulated in the body, it may cause health conditions to deteriorate. ⚠️
Why use a Washlet for seniors?
? With bidet, no more turning backward and wiping
?A bidet does a better job of ensuring seniors keep clean and healthy
? Smooth and warm water are gentler on your skin
? Less toilet paper to improving hygiene and friendly to environment.
Is it expensive??
Not expensive?, not expensive?
Our OFFER now is 50% OFF + FREE Delivery within 10KM Kuching? + FREE Standard Installation
Be Hygienic especially during this pandemic, right?
?WhatsApp us now to get the deal and makeover your bathroom
?Madaya (Kuching)
?Address: KTLD, Lot 7760 & 7761, Section 64, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.